Gear Up For the Holidays.....
  • Faux Fur Leg Warmers

    $14.99 $12.99

    The Faux leg warmers are great accessory pieces to add to a nice pair of sandals,heels or boots. Be fall and winter ready with these fantab smashers.


    Bubble Gum- Shades of Pink, Black, Navy & White

    Cotton Candy- Shades of Pink, Blue, Grey, Taupe & White

    Watermelon- Shades of Burgundy, Olive Green, & Dark Green

    Pink Cheetah- Shades of Light Pink, Black, & White (cheetah print)

    Black Ice- Shades of White & Black (color block)

    Brown Zebra- Shades of Brown & off White (Zebra print)

    Peppermint- Shades of Red & White

    Frosted- White

    Pink- Girlie Pink

    Black- Solid Black