About Wicked Body Framez Boutique

Wicked Body Framez Boutique is a fun, online retailer offering exciting brands and unique products to customers around the country. Our online service offers fashionable shopping to hundreds of customers while our ever-growing, online and social channels invite you to shop and share.

Our team at WBFB is committed to delivering you the best shopping experience. By online shopping, and connecting with our customers via social media, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

WBFB merchandise extends across many popular categories like Jewelry, Watches, Fashion and Beauty.

Safe and Secure Shopping
We always offer a safe, reliable shopping experience.

To keep delighting you with new, exciting, quality products, we need great vendors. If you have unique merchandise with broad appeal that you’re looking to introduce to the retail marketplace, we invite you to learn more about becoming part of our WBFB vendor community.


We are looking for you! Become a featured Model on the Wicked Body Framez Boutique Website simply by email at wickedbodyframez@wickedbodyframez.com 

Email: Wickedbodyframez@wickedbodyframez.com

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